Emma Watson Talks Life After ‘Harry Potter’

Oh those Harry Potter kids. They know just how to make us weep. Emma Watson may be the best at it too. She’s even really good at weeping herself.  Emma was quoted in USA Today saying:

“I felt very privileged to have played Hermione,” Watson says. “She’s someone young girls can look up to because she’s true to herself. She’s smart and an incredibly courageous and loyal friend who keeps a cool head in extremely difficult situations.”

Emma wasn’t the only one feeling the sadness. Co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint had plenty to say on the subject as well. Rupert told the newspaper the fact that it’s over hasn’t fully sunk in yet. “I think it’ll really hit me next year after the DVD has come out and it’s all kind of faded away and become quiet.” For Daniel, “”There are so many things I will miss about Harry and playing the part. There are some things I won’t miss, but I will miss playing an action hero. It’s bittersweet, absolutely.”

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This isn’t all they’ve had to say on the subject either. Emma, Daniel and Rupert will be discussing their time on the films on July 10 on CNN. You can see a snippet of that interview here! Emma recently left Brown University to focus on her own fashion line for People Tree. I bet it will be fantastic. She knows what she’s doing. Look at her in that fantastic black jacket! Look!

I better stop talking about all this or I’ll start crying just like Emma. Are you weeping yet? Are you seeing the midnight showing? Do you wish that you could be part of the Potter world? Leave us a comment and let us know!