Emma Watson Takes A Romantic Stroll With Boyfriend, Getting Into Music Biz?

Emma's Burberry Campaign
Watson posed for the London brand in June 2009.
Aww, would you look at that adorable couple right there.

Starlet Emma Watson was spotted in London this weekend enjoying some down time with boyfriend, Will Adamowicz. In case you don’t remember, the duo met at Oxford and have been dating for at least 10 months.

Emma looked cute and comfortable in a knit sweater and leggings. Even when she’s not dressed to impress like she was here, she looks cute. Do you think Will wakes up every morning excited he gets to date her? Now, what is this about Emma getting into the music game?

According to reports, while shooting her latest film in Iceland this past summer, Emma spent a day hanging out in the studio with Icelandic musician and composer, Ólafur Arnalds, and her friend, Ben Hammersley. Apparently Emma herself didn’t record anything. But don’t rule her out just yet.

She’s one of the most talented young actresses out there, plus she’s ridiculously smart, so of course she’s going to be good at the music thing. She’s probably just waiting till the time is right.

Check out all the cute photos of Emma and Will in the gallery. How would you feel about an Emma Watson musical compilation? Sound off in the comments!