Emma Watson Stuns At The New York Screening Of ‘The Bling Ring’

Emma Watson does College
The Brown student explores the campus with friends.
Dressed to match the title of her new film, Emma Watson dazzled at the New York screening of The Bling Ring

The 23-year-old actress was seen wearing a plunging black dress with her hair slicked back, allowing her red lips to pop.

Emma was accompanied by her young co-stars, Katie Chang, Claire Julien, and Israel Broussard.

The Sofia Coppola film is about a group of fame obsessed teens who use the internet to track celebrities houses in order to rob them.

 “I wanna rob” is one of Emma’s signature lines in the movie, said in an obnoxious, valley girl accent and after seeing her outfit at the premiere, its obvious that I want to rob her style.

In an article by The Sun, the Harry Potter star opened up about her feeling towards her success. She said, “It’s weird—sometimes (success) can be incredibly validating, but sometimes it can be incredibly unnerving and throw your balance off a bit, because you’re trying to reconcile how you feel about yourself with how the rest of the world perceives you.”

Don’t worry Emma, we all think you are completely fabulous.

Check out The Bling Ring when it hits theaters June 14th.