Emma Watson Spends Some Time In Madrid With Her Boyfriend

Emma Watson in London
Emma Watson pays a visit to BBC Radio 1.
Emma Watson has been in Madrid for a bit to attend the premiere of her new movie Noah, where she worked the red carpet and wowed us with her killer outfit. Now, instead of heading home, she’s spending some time relaxing in the city.

Emma was seen out having lunch with her boyfriend Matthew Janney on a terrace in Madrid. Ugh. I’m so jealous. A romantic lunch in a foreign city? Sign me up. 

Emma and Matthew are super cute together, acknowledging the paparazzi at the same time without cracking a smile and then smiling at each other minutes later. Her boyfriend really is a very attractive man. Good for you, Emma. Proud of you.

Emma’s outfit was actually adorable, as her outfits usually are. She wore black overalls, a white button down shirt, and black slip on shoes with white soles. So stylish. I’m not always a huge fan of overalls, but she completely makes them work. Emma has totally been rocking it lately with the outfit choices. 

I hope Emma and Matthew last together, only so that I can continue to see adorable pictures of them out and about. Maybe after lunch in Madrid they’ll do dinner under the Eiffel Tower in Paris? We can only hope.