Emma Watson Shows Off Her ‘Engagement’ Ring

Emma Watson certainly has a rebellious side! The actress, who chopped off her long locks as a screw-you to those pesky Harry Potter contracts, pulled a prank on Live With Regis and Kelly where she’s often asked about whether she’s dating her co-stars. Regis often asks the young, attractive actress if she and Rupert Grint or Daniel Radcliffe are dating, and the angry pixie had had enough!

“Regis. Seriously, honestly, you have honestly asked me this question every time since I was 10 years old. Without fail,” Watson said. “OK, fine. We’re getting married. We’re going to have little ginger-haired kids. And we’re going to live in a beautiful house, and we’re very in love. In fact, hang on; wait, this is my engagement ring.” Then Watson (pictured leaving La Guardia airport in NYC today as she continues her grueling HP promotional tour) moved her ring to her ring finger and showed it as her engagement ring.  So was it from Radcliffe or Grint, Regis asked jokingly. “This is from ‘the Grint;’ come on.”

Why so obviously Grint? Oh, right: maybe this is why