Emma Watson Enjoys A Romantic Stroll With Boyfriend Will Adamowicz [PHOTOS]

Emma Watson does College
The Brown student explores the campus with friends.
Emma Watson was spotted yesterday (February 16, 2013) with her boyfriend Will Adamowicz going for a romantic stroll on the Upper East Side in New York City while keeping each other warm, after having lunch together.

The 22-year-old actress wore skinny jeans, jacket and a big white scarf for the outing.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower star recently spoke with VMAN Magazine about actor Douglas Booth who she co-stars with in the film Noah

“We met when he was 15 and I remember looking at him and thinking he was offensively attractive. And it’s just gotten worse from there.”

Douglas covers the latest issue of V Man Magazine, and while he’s flattered by the compliments on his looks, he’s quick to add, “It very quickly isn’t flattering to be known only for the way you look. I don’t necessarily want to hear about my talent or my greatness as an actor. You can say I’m shit, if you think so. But make it about something I do. The grittier, the dirtier, the worse I can look, the happier I am. It takes the pressure off.”

Alrighty then.