Emma Watson Rings In Her 22nd Year With New Boyfriend

Emma Watson
The star in McQ by Alexander McQueen.
Well, new in the sense that they’ve only been dating for like, 6 months.

Emma Watson looked be having at amazing time at this year’s Coachella music festival, taking in an evening performance with boyfriend, Will Adamowicz. According to sources, the two met at Oxford while he was studying abroad there.

And let it be known! There was no lack of PDA. 

Emma is currently busy filming The Bling Ring–and looking ridiculously amazing as she does it–but of course you gotta make time for you birthday!

And don’t get too confused by the long her. She must still be wearing her Bling Ring extensions. Check out all the super adorable photos of Emma and Will in the gallery. I like when celebrities seem happy with their partners.