Emma Watson Prepping For Big Success

Emma Watson who made her name in the Harry Potter series is ready to leave the entire world of Hogwart’s behind her. After being named the new face of Lancome, we also learned that she is deferring her education at Brown University until later notice. DailyMail states that many seem to think it may be an indefinite departure.

Emma is ready for her own spotlight outside of Harry Potter. In fact, she is so ready that she contemplated not finishing the series all together. She toiled with the thought but ultimately decided to finish what she started. However, she does not appear to hide her disdain for the series, even opting out of the wrap party of the films.

PHOTOS: Emma Watson In Paris Filming Lancome Ad Campaign

After being intertwined with the series for years it is understandable she is ready to move on. “After ten years of playing Hermione Granger and, she says, sacrificing her childhood and normality on the altar of the Warner Bros agenda, she was ready to give it all up.” She revived her passion for acting at Brown, and is ready to go full throttle into a successful acting career as her own woman.

Lancome calls Emma, “the icon of her generation.” Finally “she is emerging from her shell. After a couple of years of uncertainty, Emma no longer feels crushed by her £30 million wealth or embarrassed by her success.” She has been hob-knobbing with all the right people including Harvey Weinstein and is set to announce a new starring role within the next week!