Emma Watson On Growing Up Potter

For most of us who’ve seen all the Harry Potter films, the characters and the actors who portray them have become part of our lives. Looking at their photos in the gallery, I can’t help but remmeber how tiny they were! Go look! Emma Watson and the rest of the cast recently sat down with Larry King for an interview airing on CNN July 10.

To hold you over until then, MTV’s Movie Blog has an exclusive clip from the interview with Emma. You can see it after the jump. In it she talks about how people react to her. “It’s interesting meeting people I’ve never met before in my life who feel sisterly, motherly, fatherly connection towards me. Complete strangers who have opinions about [me]… it’s actually nice.” Nice could be one word, yes.

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Clearly growing up together, things are bound to happen. Emma recently told Seventeen magazine which co-star she had a crush on. Any Harry Potter memories you have? How about a character or actor you simply love? Let us know in the comments section! Remember to check out the video of Emma talking with Larry after the jump!