Emma Watson Makes Friends With A Doggy, Doesn’t Like To Be Flirted With About ‘Harry Potter’ [PHOTOS]

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That is one lucky doggie who gets to be friends with Emma Watson!

The gorgeous Brit was spotted in New York City enjoying lunch at Bar Italia with a friend, when she decided to make friends with a super cute passing pup. Can you imagine being the person that Emma Watson wants to talk with?

Emma made headlines earlier this week with her super sexy GQ photo shoot. But that wasn’t the only exciting thing we got from Miss Watson this week. We also got what not to do when wooing the actress. What’s that? 

Don’t bring up Harry Potter. Just don’t. The actress told reporters, “The very worst men are those that say, Are you the girl from Harry Potter?'” Wow fellas, what a classy pick-up line you’ve got there. Lucky for Emma that things still seem to be going well with boyfriend Will Adamowicz.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of The Bling Ring star making friends with the cute pooch. Has a celebrity ever stopped you to say what a cute pet you’ve got? Or maybe a cute baby? Steven Martin and Diane Keaton were all about my little sister. Leave us your stories in the comments!