Emma Watson Looks Stunning In Ralph Lauren At The London Premiere Of ‘Noah’

Topless Emma!
Emma goes topless for Earth Day!
Now, do you think that Emma Watson knows she’s one of the most beautiful and well-dressed people in Hollywood? She has to, right?

I mean, it takes a certain level of confidence to wear a white Ralph Lauren gown at the UK premiere of your movie and own it. But Emma did just that. The actress reminded us why we love her in London at the premiere of Noah. It’s going to be so sad when the Noah promotions are over.

Where will I get my well-dressed Emma fix? 

And not just Emma, the whole cast! Jennifer Connelly looked equally lovely and slightly more dramatic in an Alexander McQueen number. And let’s not forget the hottie of the bunch, Douglas Booth. Seriously, that man is too pretty to be real. Also on the red carpet were Hugh Jackman (sans leather jacket) and Russell Crowe, who took the time to show off their BFF status.

Basically guys, it was a kick-ass red carpet. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the UK premiere. Are you as taken with Emma’s gown as I am? It’s a departure from her darker look of the last few premieres, but I love it all the same. Tell us what you think in the comments below!