Emma Watson Looks Cool As She Hits LA For The MTV Movie Awards [PHOTOS]

Emma Watson doesn’t even have to try to be cool. She just is.

The beautiful Brit was spotted in Los Angeles today as she landed at LAX ahead of the MTV Movie Awards. Emma has recently been spending some time in New York, and she really seemed to love it.  She was busy looking and cute and making friends with all sorts of animals.

Emma should definitely be excited about the Movie Awards! She is nominated for three awards, Best Female Performance, Best Kiss and Best Musical Moment all for her performance in Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Fun fact: Emma is definitely going to win something! You know how I know? 

Because Emma has already pre-won the show’s Trailblazer Award. There you go Emma, blazing all sorts of new trails all over the place. Well, it definitely makes sense. She’s making the transition from child, fantasy star to adult, dramatic star very, very well.

Check out all the photos of Emma looking calm, cool and collected in the gallery. Don’t you guys just wish she was your best friend for life? Seriously, how cool would that be? Tell us if you think Emma is going to be a winner at the MTV Movies Awards in the comments!