Emma Watson Is A Strawberry Girl [PHOTOS]

Emma Watson in London
Emma Watson pays a visit to BBC Radio 1.
The ever so lovely Emma Watson was spotted on the set of Noah in New York City yesterday (October 18, 2012), dressed in green jeans with a loose-fitting grey T-shirt and wool cardigan.

The actress was spotted carrying a healthy snack of strawberries and granola as she headed back to her trailer.

Emma is starring alongside Russell Crowe, who plays the lead role of Noah, and Jennifer Connelly, as well as her The Perks Of A Wallflower co-star Logan Lerman, in Darren Aronofsky’s retelling of the biblical tale.

Which role is Emma playing in the film? 

Speaking recently about the movie, Emma said: “I play the role of Ila, Noah’s adopted daughter who is in love with Shem, his eldest son. Logan plays Ham, who is Shem’s youngest brother. So Logan plays my brother.”

She’s thrilled to be working with Logan again. She said: “Logan and I have a very deep sense of trust with one another which, as actors, is amazing because I know that whatever I do, he’s going to be there to catch me and vice versa. We spent so much time together making the movie. Our chemistry was really good in Perks I think Darren saw that and wanted that for Noah.”

I’m sure the two will be amazing together once again.