Emma Watson Immortalized In Painting For Art Exhibit [PHOTOS]

Emma Watson is the star of the current exhibition Emma at Panter and Hall, a London gallery that specializes in British contemporary art.

Emma worked with artist Mark Demsteader on the new exhibition, which will benefit the African charity CAMFED, and she admitted being on such a low-key set, which didn’t have a team of stylists and make-up professionals, was a strange experience.

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Emma, seen here with her stuffed teddy bear at Heathrow airport yesterday (June 29) stated, “It was a really simple shoot with just a single light to cast shadows. We took lots of pictures in a variety of poses and Mark went away and selected 30 or so to turn into paintings.”

She went on to say, “I’m lucky enough to live in a country that gives me an equal right to my schooling: I’ve never had to contend with the kind of prejudice and sexual discrimination women in these countries deal with every day,” she says. “My education has been so empowering, and has given me such stability and independence, and the idea of giving other girls the opportunities I have been lucky enough to have makes me very happy.”

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