Emma Watson Hates Being Judged For Every Move

I mean, wouldn’t you? Harry Potter star Emma Watson recently opened up about the trials and tribulations of growing up in the public eye. She talked about how life is “very hard” when you’re constantly being judged for every move you make.

How does she deal with all the attention she gets on a daily basis? “Honestly, sometimes I don’t – it’s very hard, but I suppose I just try. That’s one of the reasons why schooling is so important to me – because I get a lot back from using my brain, which means I don’t just feel valued for the way I look.” But Emma, you always look so good! Appreciate them looks!

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And don’t think she has any negative feelings towards the franchise that put her in the public eye. Why, girl was even tearing up a the premiere. In fact, playing Hermione was one of the things that made it good, “That has been one of the great luxuries of playing Hermione – she’s not just a pretty face. Hermione was literally my heroine. She is such a great character and a wonderful person, so I feel incredibly privileged to have played her and to have started my career in the way I have.”

I love that Emma Watson. Like, she seems like someone who is awesome all the time. Don’t worry Emma, we’ll only start judging you when you start doing stupid things like other celebrities. As for now, you just play some drug addicts on screen and we should be fine.