Emma Watson Gets Into Character For ‘The Bling Ring’ [PHOTOS]

Emma Watson looked the part of an idiot socialite wannabe yesterday in Beverly Hills, dressed up for a scene in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring.  Wearing a white fur vest and toting a leather bag, Watson powered down the sidewalk in her oversized sunglasses, while clutching a Starbucks frozen drink.

If you tuned into that awful reality series, Pretty Wild, then you’re familiar with the Alexis Neiers actual teen involved in the 2009 Hollywood Hills robberies.  

Though she claims she wasn’t directly involved in burglarizing the homes of Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton, Alexis Neirs did serve time for being part of the mess.  Leslie Mann plays Watson’s mother, modeled after Andrea Arlington, f***wit who beat into her daughters’ brains that fame was the holy grail.

“And So It Is.” Watch a clip of Neiers getting teary with her lawyer after the jump.