Emma Stone Promotes ‘The Help’ and Polka Dots in UK

It appears Emma Stone is breaking out the big guns – aka polka dots – while she promotes The Help, which is premiering in countries worldwide. Yesterday she threw on a flowy beaded white polka dot dress while attending the UK premiere at The Curzon Mayfair in London. Earlier in the week she had on a black polka dot chiffon top while in Madrid, Spain. It’s safe to say that polka dots are in, ladies!

In addition to giving fashion cred to American actresses, Stone also achieved acting clout playing an ambitious writer who decides to document the experiences of black maids in 1960s Mississippi in The Help.

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“I like any role that feels human and alive and not just the girl or the comedic relief or something boxed in and stereotyped,” said Stone at a drinks reception ahead of the film’s London premiere, according to a recent article.

Add her uncanny ability to pick leading men to co-star with on and off-camera, and we see why Stone is quickly becoming our favorite red-headed American sweetheart (and super hero lust worthy).