Emma Stone & Olivia Wilde to Co-Host Revlon Run Walk

Emma Stone At The Oscars
The presenter in Giambattista Valli.
Emma Stone has a secret to reveal guys.

And this time, it’s not the origin of that trademark scratchy voice of hers.

It’s that she and fellow Revlon spokeslady, Olivia Wilde, will be co-hosting the 16th annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in New York on May 4.

Their counterpart for the Los Angeles event on May 11 is going to be Halle Berry, who has hosted the event six times before.

The girls will be easier to tell apart this year, now that Olivia’s dyed her hair back to dark brown, even though they are both sporting gorgeous matching smiles.

In any case, they look adorable and I’m hoping for participants of the event that the t-shirts the ladies are wearing are going to be the ones given out at the event.