Emma Stone Looks Gorgeous, Deep In Thought In Paris [PHOTOS]

Emma & Andrew
The cute couple lights up the Empire State Building.
So these are just paparazzi photos, but Emma Stone looks like she just stepped out of some super snazzy fashion magazine.

The Amazing Spider-Man actress looked perfectly polished as she visited the Musée Rodin with some friend in Paris. Emma took some time to appreciate the sculpture garden, where we can assume she pondered some of life’s greatest questions. The blonde beauty is currently in town for Paris Fashion Week and I bet she did those fashion designers proud.

Emma looked fabulous in slim fitting jeans, a button up shirt with funky gold buttons, a super cute tweed jacket and a pair of nude flats to finish off the look. She has been just the perfect little fashionista in Paris. I wonder if the style will carry over with her back to America?

Also, where was boyfriend Andrew Garfield for all of this? You know the sculpture garden at the Musée Rodin is something you’ve gotta experience with someone you care about. It’s beautiful, it’s romantic, it’s full of people taking pictures–it’s perfect! Luckily Emma did have her lady friends, and those are extremely important.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Emma in Paris. I love show deep in thought she looks. Tell us what you think of her fashion week outfit in the comments!