Emma Stone & Judd Apatow Meet Up In NYC, Hilarity Ensues

Emma & Andrew Get Smoochy
The Famous 'Spider Man' Couple Show Off A Little PDA
Clearly Emma Stone and Judd Apatow were into making folks laugh yesterday in New York City.

The funny duo ran into each other in outside Bubbys restaurant in Manhattan and in the midst of catching up, realized there were paparazzi cameras around. So instead of pulling a Justin Bieber, Emma and Judd decided to have a bit of fun.

They’re definitely going to make it in this week’s silly & scary gallery for this one! Emma and Judd looked to enjoy making silly faces, although Judd seems more invested than Emma. 

Also, you can’t see it now, but Judd is holding a giant foam noodle. You know, like the kind you use in the pool. No idea why he has it, but it’s amusing. Maybe it’s for his daughter? She’s hidden behind the mailbox. So Emma, where’s your hot boyfriend? Shouldn’t you two be wearing graduation outfits and making out? Oh wait, you already did that. Never mind!

Looks like we’ll just have be content with some silly faces. Launch the gallery to check out all the hilarity from Emma and Judd. They should make another movie together. That would be fun for me.