Emma Stone Is A Perfect Fit For ‘The Help’

Kathryn Stockett knew the moment she met Emma Stone that she was perfect for the film adaptation of Stockett’s best-selling book, The Help.  Stone will play Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, back from college to find her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi holding on to traditions in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement.  Skeeter takes it upon herself to become the voice of her friends’ African American maids, compiling a book of their horror stories.  If you haven’t read The Help, definitely grab a copy.  It’s a fantastic and inspiring read that makes you want to slap some really dumbass women of yesteryear.

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According to the Huffington Post, Stockett told People back in November, “The minute I met [Stone], I knew I couldn’t see whatever Skeeter looked in my head as a blonde because she was replaced by Emma.”  Stone was spotted in Los Angeles last week coming out of a decor store with her hand covering the left side of her head.  No clue what she was trying to hide.  Anyone?

Check out the trailer for The Help after the jump.  Stone looks exactly like I imagine Skeeter to be-unruly hair and a little homely, but with a lot of spunk.  The film, out August 12th, co-stars Alison Janney, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sissy Spacek.