Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Take A Hike In Studio City [PHOTOS]

Emma and Andrew
The cute couple light up the Empire State Building.
In case you haven’t gotten your daily dose of cute today, here’s Hollywood couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone taking a hike in Studio City.

Let’s discuss the reasons why this is cute. 1) Andrew and Emma are an adorable couple. So talented, both so attractive and they look amazing together. 2) For some reason couples that hike together have a soft spot in my heart. They know that neither of them are gonna look too hot when it’s done, but they do it anyway.

And finally, 3) there’s a family member with them–possibly a mother, but I can’t confirm or deny this–and they’re hiking with her while holding her hand. Honestly, these two slay me with how perfect they are. So what has the dynamic duo been up to?

Well, Emma was honored as one of Elle’s Women in Power, and in power she is. Honestly, it’s like every time I turn my head she’s starring in a new movie. Andrew hasn’t been up to too much. I bet he’s saving up all his manly strength for The Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness in Emma and Andrew’s photos. Alright guys, time for a cute off: who is the cuter couple? Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield or Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka? Cast your vote in the comments!