Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Show Off Their Couple Perfection, Emma Cries Over The Spice Girls

Sabba Rahbar | March 20, 2014 - 10:00 am

Emma & Andrew Get Smoochy
The Famous 'Spider Man' Couple Show Off A Little PDA
How is it possible for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield to be this perfect and adorable together? Like, did they take classes? Do they take cute pills? Is it Maybelline?

Whatever the answer, their couple cuteness was on full display today as the off and on-screen couple promoted The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Australia.

I love all of this. Their outfits, Emma’s make-up, Andrew’s hand-in-pocket–it’s wonderful. But even more wonderful is Emma crying over The Spice Girls

First of all, Emma is a HUGE Spice Girls fan. HUGE. So while chatting with an Australia show, Emma got the surprise of a lifetime when they played her a special message from Mel Bof The Spice Girls. Guys, Emma basically starts crying. Then she raps “Wannabe”. It’s all amazing.

I love seeing celebrities being overjoyed by things normal humans would be too. It’s all so lovely. Check out the video of Emma crying below, then launch the gallery for the full effect of Emma and Andrew’s cuteness. God I love them.