Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Shoot ‘Spider-Man’ [PHOTOS]

Actress Emma Stone and actor Andrew Garfield were on set in New York filming The Amazing Spider-Man today.

Emma Stone talked with Marc Malkin at the Louis Vuitton party earlier this week about the film.

“We’re doing exteriors in New York for a couple of weeks, so it’ll be done in mid-May,’ she continued before laughing, “So, yeah, it was only a six-month shoot.”

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As for the rumors of another sequel and if she survives or dies in the film, “I’m not supposed to say anything,” Stone said sweetly. “I hate that.”

One thing Stone did talk about was her costar Andrew Garfield. “He’s so much fun,” she said. “He’s the coolest, the best. He’s going to be amazing. I mean, he has to be—after all, it is called The Amazing Spider-Man.”

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