Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Remain Adorable While Flanked By Security At LAX [PHOTOS]

Emma & Andrew
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield share a few kisses.
These two are such a cute couple. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are seen here preparing to depart LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) as they were surrounded by security today (June 6, 2012).

The couple is flying to New York City for the Tony Awards in which Andrew is up for an award for his role in the Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman.

As for his role in the forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew said that he felt like Elvis Presley when he found out he won the role. I’m guessing it wasn’t the overweight version of Elvis that he felt like?

He said: “I’d gotten the impression that it wasn’t going to go my way. I was resigned to it. I went to see the producers having zero expectations. I imagined I’d be leaving there crying, wishing I’d chosen a different profession. [Being paraded in front of the press] was pretty insane. I got to feel like Elvis for a moment, which was fun.” 

Meanwhile, Andrew has revealed the moment he was told of his success has been recorded on camera so fans may get to witness it someday.

He explained: “I knocked on the door and [director] Mark Webb answered which was the first weird thing. And then I saw a little Flipcam which was recording. They were filming my reaction to not getting the role or getting the role. I hoped it wasn’t cruel because that would have been (expletive) up.”

Lucky for Andrew that he landed the role. The Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on July 3rd.

I the mean time, what a new clip from the film.