Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Dressed For Lighting At Empire State Building [PHOTOS]

Emma Stone On Set
The blond on the 'Spider-Man' set.
This afternoon, The Amazing Spider-Man cast gathered to light up the empire state building. On and offscreen couple, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were among the crew who took part.

The group made their arrival back into the US after a promotional world tour to several countries including Spain, Japan, and South Korea. Today (Jun 25) the crew made an appearance on the Today show in New York to discuss the upcoming and much anticipated flick due to open in theaters Jul 3.

In the latest edition of Vogue, Stone opened up about a childhood fear that still haunts her to this day. While on the set for her latest film, The Amazing Spider-Man she would suffer panic attacks She admits that to help her overcome the episodes she would bake, because she can control what the outcome will be.

“I was just kind of immobilized by it,” Stone recalls. “I didn’t want to go to my friends’ houses or hang out with anybody, and nobody really understood.”

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