Emma Stone Admits To Feeling Up Andrew Garfield In His Spider-Man Costume

Yes, you read right! Emma Stone admits that the first time she saw her co-star and off-screen boyfriend Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man costume, she couldn’t help but feel him up!

The actress said:

I touched him! I was inappropriate! I literally felt him. Because being in the room with Spider-Man is insane for anybody, especially with that beautiful costume. It was palpable on set that everyone was in the room with the actual Spider-Man. It felt like a mirage.

During a recent interview, both Stone and Garfield answered a few question about their new movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. According to the actor, taking on the role was a big responsibility, and even though he was cast as the superhero, “no one is ever going to match up to what Spider-Man is in [his] head, and what he is in [his] heart.”