For Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore, ‘Getting By’ Isn’t What It Seems

Young stars Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore claim that their new film, The Art of Getting By, isn’t what you might expect from a typical Hollywood teen romance.

The film features a strange yet smart protagonist, played by Highmore, who falls for Roberts, the object of his angst-ridden affection.

“The relationship Emma and I have in the film isn’t the sort of typical way, I guess, that a lot of high school films portray,” Highmore said in an Associated Press interview. “It’s something that is real, you have the real emotions, the real problems that come with that.”

PHOTOS: Emma Roberts And Freddie Highmore In The Art Of Getting By

Perhaps even the chemistry between Highmore and Roberts is real too, at least in terms of their friendship.

“I didn’t think it was awkward,” Roberts said in the interview about doing kissing scenes with Highmore, to which he agreed.

Yesterday, the cast, along with writer and director Gavin Wiesen, attended the film’s premiere hosted by The Cinema Society and Alice+Olivia, at New York City’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema, and an after party at the Thompson LES.

The Art of Getting By, which debuted at Sundance this year, opens in theaters this Friday.

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