Eminem Tells Kim To Get Over It Already

February 20th, 2007 // 13 Comments

I’m guessing, so that they can move on, spend some time apart and then get married again.

Eminem’s getting fed up with his double ex-wife, Kim Mathers, for publicly talking shit about him. Last week, she went on a Michigan morning radio show and talked very openly about her former husband’s lackluster performance in the bedroom.

“If you’re going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue bill (Viagra), because otherwise it does not work.”

Additionally, she said that he wasn’t “very well endowed.” In response, Eminem made public a statement via his PR rep, which said:

“It’s a shame that I’ve moved on and Kim hasn’t.”

“Her ongoing press campaign is doing nothing but harm to the children, and for that I feel truly sorry. For their sake I wish she would stop.”

I get what Em’s trying to do and all, but I think it might be a little late to worry about harming the children, yo.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. margaretta

    Hmmm. So that would make him Slim Skimpy?

  2. Stewie

    He has always commented that he was not endowed so no surprise there. As for the Viagra, I still think he’s gay so that would explain that …

  3. susiegrl

    Talking about their bedroom antics is causing, “harm to the children”??!!
    Hmmm…okay, but I guess singing about murdering the MOTHER of their daughter isn’t harming the children in any way, nor will it put Haley Jade in therapy for most of her adult life…yeah okay with that.

  4. Jinxy McDeath

    I applaud Em’s newfound maturity, and I expect Kim to be shot dead anyday. Slim Shady indeed.

  5. Angela

    Yes he did take shots at her but that was a very long time ago and she stayed with him and married him again after all that happened. That took place before the kids could even read so maybe she should grow up and put her children first. Actually to me it seems like she is the one not over it, she continues to talk about it in the press and he hasn’t.

  6. mike

    I think its because she thinks people give a shit…like just because a mic is shoved in her face all she can do is talk crap. I mean EMINEM has over $300 million dollars, lol like he really gives a shit about this trick. He takes care of his kids, his brother, his neice, everyone. No matter what he’s said all over his cds, he seems like a real down to earth guy who cares a lot about his family, and just wants what anyone else wants and that is to find someone he can be happy with…yeah its stupid that he keeps going back to horse-face but atleast he’s mature enough to put his kids first..unlike britney who is too busy shaving her hair off and smoking with strippers at clubs…


  8. liongirl

    Eminem’s comment amazes me. Move on? Move on? He should think about that on his way to the river he is crying over ex-girlfriend Maressa!

  9. Steph Kanthadai

    she gotta git ova it

  10. Ashley

    you guys need to shut the fuck up! eminem is brilliant, hillarious, works his ass off to provide for his family while kim doesn’t do shit! hes my fucking hero and little or big dick, i’d fuck the shit outta him any time!

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  13. karwan

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