Eminem In Crisis

April 19th, 2006 // 22 Comments

With a divorce pending, and now the murder of his best friend, Emimen is said to be at his wits end. Who has something to say about Eminem’s fragile state? His estranged wife Kimberly Mathers, of course. Ms. Mathers reached out to Star magazine (who else would one reach out to), to tell her side of the crisis.

“I would just like to say that the reason my husband has filed for divorce still remains a mystery to me,” Kimberly Mathers wrote in an email to Star magazine.

“The only thing I can tell you definitely is that Marshall has a problem being honest with me, himself and many others. I have done nothing but try and try with him, but nothing is ever good enough.

“I wanted to seek out counseling, but as everyone around Marshall knows, he’s perfect. It’s everyone else that’s [bleeped] up.

“It’s amazing to me how he can talk as much [bleep] about anyone he wants and people buy it, but the minute someone speaks on him, they are automatically lying or trying to make some money off his name. Correct me if I am wrong, but I could swear my name is mentioned in quite a few songs that he has,” the jilted wife complains.

Star also quotes a pal of the rapper saying: “Marshall’s been crying for days. He’s upset and confused.”

Reason for 2nd split is an Em-igma to Kim [Gatecrasher]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I cant believe this trailer trash bitch would even come out with some shit like that. Em just lost his best friend !!! Proof was the only one who knew Em inside and out. He’s going through the worst time of his life and she is over here talking smack about him to Star magazine !! Kim dont forget what Em said ” you dont want to fuck wit shady .. cuz why? Cuz shady will fuckin kill you!!” In other words hoe shut the hell up and go suck some …..

  2. d.c.

    If he is so strong, sure and stable in his talent why is he always whining and hiding.. wanting buckets of sympathy, and to hurt and abuse if he doesn’t get his way?

  3. tia is NOT Mrs. Eminem

    your language is quite a stunning example of, what did you say, ‘trailer park trash’…
    i wish girls like you defended women abused by their partners- regardless of wealth and fame- half as vehemently. but chicks like you go right on defending a guy who’s best friend TOOK THE FIRST SHOT (according to police reports, and that guy DIED yesterday, so spare me the poor Proof bullshit) and who glorifies violence aganist women.
    Nice job tia. your parents must be proud.

  4. tia is NOT Mrs. Eminem

    p.s. you do realize that what you wrote in the last line can be perceived as a death threat, right? “cuz shady will fuckin kill you”? you didn’t really mean to threaten that woman you know nothing about,right?

  5. Dude is a talentless little scumbag. End of story.

  6. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    Now, I’d never encourage or even joke about suicide. But let’s think rationally for a moment. Would anyone care if Eminem pulled the trigger? Would the world be adversely affected? I certainly don’t believe it would.

  7. DocNemesis

    Damn, there you go *again* Tia-the-ignorant-marketing-twat. You really should brush up on the use of the apostrophe where appropriate, especially when you’re (uh-oh) so quick to point out other’s spelling/grammar errors.

    Let me know what McDonald’s you end up getting a job at so I can avoid going there. I don’t have time to wait all day while you figure out the little icon keys on the register screen.


  8. tia

    LOL .. I dont care what you guys say to me. This is a free country and i’m entitled to say what I want. I can even make death threats so slutty kim mathers. DocNemisis I dont eat fast food babe. Sorry .. besides you know you love this ignorant marketing twat and if you dont who gives a fuck !!! . Hugs and kisses peeps :)))

  9. tia

    By the way I work at Express. :)

  10. Tom

    Did you notice her comments about honesty? Methinks it’s time to dig up the old rumors about Em’s sexuality again. He’s way too obsessed with exposed male butts.

  11. doofus

    uh, tia?…one thing that I don’t think free speech covers is death threats. sort of like yelling fire (when there IS none) in a crowded movie theater.

    you CAN say what you want, but let me remind you that with freedom comes responsibility. you are free to say what you want, but be prepared to take responsibility for it, and face any repercussions that may come of it.

    make a death threat against someone, and you may just end up being prosecuted for it.

    what is it that you do for Express?

  12. tia

    Okay doofus … I was repeating what Eminem said in a song to Kim. Secondly believe me or not im a marketing instructor and assistant manager at Express Design Studio. During the day im at college and at night I work.

  13. lardoo

    Being a closeted homosexual will do that to a person.

  14. Rumor

    Eminem should be prepared to live the single life because I don’t believe his relationships with women will work. Some people are not cut out for marriage. I just hope he gets it together for the sake of his little girl.

  15. hohum

    Not to worry, he’s not going to pull a Cobain but his STBX might wish he did because that way she could be the newer version of Courtney.

    what nonsense…can’t people see their whole deal is Publicity?

  16. DocNemesis

    Tia wrote: “marketing instructor and assistant manager”

    Translation: “You want fries with that?”

    You are such an ignorant fuck. It is NOT legal to make death threats in the good ol’ USA (though I realize you were only quoting a song originally, your ignorant rebuttal was just sad). Keep hitting them phonics books- eventually you may learn something. It’d be easier for all of us, however, if you just killed yourself.


  17. tia

    Awwe Doc baby !! Is that your fantasy to see me in a mcdonalds uniform!! Thats so cute and sexy. I dont like fast food baby. Im sorry sexy. Luv ya !!! I hope your day goes better.

  18. doofus

    tia? is “Express Design Studio” in ANY way related to the “Express” (Limited, Structure, etc…) brand?

  19. tia

    Yes it is. Good for you!! Do you shop there ??!! Its a great store isnt it. I have worked there since I was 16. I hope to become district manager someday. Victorias Secret is also apart of Limited Inc.

  20. doofus

    uh…shopped there when I was in high school. after that, I realized how cheap (and ill-fitting) their clothes were.

    I too worked retail when I was in college, and had a friend who was a manager at Banana Republic after college…and I NEVER have heard of any store hiring a 19 year old to be a manager.

  21. Kodatk

    It’s natural for me 2 automaticly try start dissing a few people who have commented for some reason that I cant describe at the moment. But instead im gonna hold back and actuly comment on the subject at hand. We’ll no he shouldnt commit suicide becasue no one should, no matter what you’ve done or been throught you just shouldnt do that. people tryna act all cool and shit… yeah kill yourself. fuck that. Man you want a life, eminem has money 2 suport a life but obviously hes got problems with his wife and now has lost his best friend. I just think hes a bit confused about his wife, much like many people are. No matter if shesa bitch or not… its not even relevent. We dont really know the truth behind it all and we never will know if any of this is the truth for real. but I think he should just try get over all the shit which is hard but can be done… and eventuly just think of the future and his daughter and shit like that. I was bored so i typed all tis and if anyone wants 2 say sumthing about me, for sum reaosn i will get annoyed and i wont respond because im not going 2 come back onto a website that i didnt like much in the first place and secondly that could contain a comment by some cunt thats just gonna get me annoyed. So think of it like this…. no fuck all that what i just said… i want people 2 be like.. fuck this comment its so long.. im jsut gonna read the last 2 words… FUCK YOU!!!

  22. Brandi

    Ok for those of you fussing over this it’s really stupid but I would have to agree with Tia. I mean the only time that Kim was around is when she wanted money or anything from Marshall Mathers. Kim was into drugs badly and chose drugs over her own daughter now how selfish can you even be to choose drugs over your kid. And the whole Proof thing.. Marshall lost his best friend of 17 years there were 5children that lost their father and I mean if you all stopped being so selfish and took a moment to realize that what if that was your best friend of 17 fuckin years yeah I’d have to say that you would have a reason to be upset and grieve. Like most of us have known our parents for so long that if we lost them you wouldnt know what to do without them. When Kim kicked Marsh out in the streets when it was -10 degrees outside Deshaun aka Proof took him in and gave him a place to stay.. So before you all go and talk shit on something you dont know a lot about get to know Marshall better and then talk shit..Thanks Brandi

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