Eminem Grabs the Mic Again

October 17th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Oooh. Like that slant rhyme? Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, has confirmed that he will be coming out of retirement with a sixth album. A single titled “I’m Having A Relapse” has already been leaked.

The title of the album will be Relapse and it is also said to include collaborations with some of today’s top artists such as 50 Cent and DMX.

As long as the real Slim Shady doesn’t relapse back into a recluse or hermitor whatever it was he was doing the past couple years — I think we’ll all have another one of his rhymes stuck in our head before the end of 2008.

By Intern Traci
  1. Dandy's girl

    Actually, that’s internal rhyme (rhyme within a line of poetry) Eminem/again. Slant, near or off rhyme offers hints of sound repetition without true rhyme: chill, dull, sale.

  2. Wardo

    You think he’s going after Lil’wayne on this relapse thing???

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