Eminem Continues Mariah Carey Feud, Disses Nick Cannon

Eminem was on a radio interview and joked that he peed on Mariah Carey during the course of their alleged romantic interludes. The rapper has taken to dissing the singer again to promote his new single “3am” in which he gives a less-than-friendly shout-out to Mimi and her hubby Nick Cannon.

On the track, Em raps, “Nick Cannon, you p****, I wish you luck with that whore.” The rapper’s beef with the singer started years ago when Eminem boasted that the two had been intimate, a claim Carey has vehemently denied.

In response, Nick blogged, “Holler at me on some grown-man s***. Man to man, let’s meet up and deal with this like adults.”

I’m smelling a dance-off in the near future, y’all! Someone better polish those tap shoes.

Gallery Info: Eminem arrives at a recording studio.