Emimen Insults And Comes On To Angelina Jolie

Eminem apparently can’t decide if he wants to bash Angelina Jolie, or come on to her. Reportedly the following lyrics are from a new song called “Tabliod Shit.”

“The way that I spit
?shit, Imma sick addict
?That’s why I fucked Angelina in front of Maddox
?Dragged the bitch across the Sahara
?And picked up some bum named Zahara”

He ended the song giving a shout out to Angelina Jolie – “Y’all this is just fun and games but on the real, Angelina Jolie is so fine. Fuck Brad Pitt, Angie. UR the most beautiful person inside and out holla at ya boy.”

Has anyone heard this song on the Anger Management Tour? I would love to know if this is true or not. Classy if it is.

Eminem disses Amazing Angelina (Oh No They Didn’t)

(Image via People)