Emimem Storms Off MTV Movie Awards After Bruno’s Ass Flies In His Face

You could not have written this. It’s one of those spontaneous MTV Awards Show moments that just goes oh so right. Sacha Baron Cohen dressed up as Bruno was presenting the Best Male Performance Award to Zac Efron. Dressed in white wings and feathers and suspended by cables, he flew around the stage while making his introduction.

“Let me down!” he then commanded. He happened to land on Eminem, with his bare buttocks in the rapper’s face.

“Are you serious?” a visibly upset Eminem yelped. “Get the ****** off me!”

“Nice to meet you,” Cohen replied.

Eminem’s bodyguards then proceeded to pull Cohen off the rapper. “Hey, don’t touch me! I’ve already got a boyfriend!” he yelled.

It is not yet known if the rapper was in on the joke. But once Cohen was off Eminem, the rapper jumped up and stormed out of the theater with his bodyguards, as Zac Efron was named the winner of the category.

“That was really weird,” a confused Efron said of the incident. “That’s the coolest way I’ve ever been invited up to accept one of these.”

Just priceless.

UPDATE: Added some NSFW screencaps from the incident in the gallery, beginning on page 2.

Gallery Info: Sacha Baron Cohen, Eminem, and Zac Efron on stage at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards