Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman & ‘Revenge’ Cast Hits PaleyFest, Another Death Is Coming [PHOTOS]

'Revenge' Pillow Fight
The cast goes wild for Tyler Shields.
After killing off Tyler earlier this season, Revenge will feature the demise of another character in the ultimate episode. Being interviewed at PaleyFest on Sunday, March 11, the cast gushed that the death is “major,” “huge,” and “even kind of more than the one before.”

The series creator Mike Kelley chimed in on the upcoming death, summing it up by saying, “It’s a big finale.” Without giving away too much info on who will be written out the story, he told E! Online, “Normally you kill off characters you don’t like, but in this case, unfortunately, the nicest people are the ones that you kill off.”

Prior to that, Revenge will see Daniel spending some time in prison after he’s arrested for the murder of Tyler. He turns to Emily for help and writes her a letter, which happens to be similar to the letter Emily received from her wrongly-incarcerated father. While Emily tries to give him a few tips that she learned in juvie, it’s Victoria that goes to the ultimate extreme to get her son of of jail.

However, fans won’t have to see Daniel behind the bars for too long since the show will jump ahead a few months and feature the trial, which will be wrapped up in episode 19. 

Also at the same occasion, Kelley discussed his idea for a possible season 2. “Overall the pattern is going to stay the same [in season 2]. If we’re lucky enough to get another season, I think what we’ll do is another giant event that will resolve itself in midseason and we’ll deal with the aftermath of that,” he stated.

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