Emily Blunt And Jason Segel Crack Each Other Up During ‘Five Year Engagement’ Photocall [PHOTOS]

Emily & Josh Shopping
The 'Revenge' couple gets their shop on.
Emily Blunt and Jason Segel posed with a wedding cake during a photocall for their film The Five Year Engagement held at The Soho Hotel in London, England today (June 14, 2012).

The pair were cracking each other up as they posed for photographs as a happy couple.

The British actress, in Joe’s skinny jeans ($158) recently confessed she is deeply envious of women with long, lean limbs. She would love to have a pair of toned pins, and often finds herself fixating on someone else’s legs.

“I am a huge leg ogler. I like good legs, I really like those long legs without an inch of cellulite,” she joked to BBC Radio 1

“I did do gymnastics and I did netball (a game which resembles basketball) when I was younger. I played Center, the one whizzing around the court,” she explained when asked if she was sporty as a child. “I was that really, really skinny kid. It was unattractively skinny, I got called twig at school.”

Emily is perfectly lovely, and her legs are gorgeous. Check out Jason and Emily having a good ole time by lauching the gallery.