Emile Hirsch’s Flower Power: ‘Taking Woodstock’ Premiere In NYC

Director Ang Lee has brought his new film, Taking Woodstock, to New York City, along with his stars Emile Hirsch and Demetri Martin. Decked out in a modern representation of a hippie, Emile flashes a bright smile while clutching some white flowers.

Liev Schreiber kept it casual, as well, with a blazer and newsboy cap and some scruff around the edges. Taking a more traditional approach, comedian Demetri Martin stepped out in a simple suit and skinny tie, radiating all kinds of cuteness.

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and follows the real-life story of Woodstock concert organizer Elliot Tiber. Additionally, Ang Lee and screenwriter/producer James Schamus will attend a benefit screening of the movie in Columbia County, where several scenes of the film were shot during production last year.

Gallery Info: Emile Hirsch, Claire Danes, Ang Lee, Matthew Settle, Michael Shannon, Anna Sui, Liev Schreiber, Meryl Streep, Demetri Martin, Sebastian Stan, Cheyenne Jackson, Vanessa Carlton, Peter Stam, Skylar Astin, Anna Wintour and Maulik Pancholy at the premiere and after party of Taking Woodstock.