Emile Hirsch Gets Shot By Francesco Carrozzini For L’Uomo Vogue

Emile Hirsch’s boyish face is decorating yet another magazine cover as part of his burgeoning fashion career.  Except, in the March issue of Italy’s L’Uomo Vogue, he ain’t so boyish. 

Looking clean-cut but maintaining just the right amount of rough and scruff, Emile transforms from average guy to model man.  Courtesy of Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, the shoot features him exotically hanging out in a desert, wearing buttoned-up suits, Fedora hats and one of those intense Leonardo Dicaprio stares.  You know, with the furrowed eyebrows and that one vertical crease in the middle of his forehead.  A look that says, “I am currently drowning in existential thought. Leave me.”  So long as he’s dressed well, Italy will eat that shit right up. 

Plus, working in the actor’s favor is the title of the shoot’s
accompanying article: “The Talent of Emile.”  You can’t really argue
with that type of authority.

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