Emile Hirsch Is Feral

Emile Hirsch is getting into this whole cat thing. Rraow! That is a friggin’ scary portrait he’s posing next to. I wouldn’t let that in my home. That chick might come off the wall some night and claw you.

What the hell is AnOther Man magazine? Who funds these things? Where are they sold? They’re just Interview offshoots and exist basically to take artsy photos of celebs, right? Look it’s Emile Hirsh as a cat person. Emile Hirsch is Speed Racer, and did the usual press junket where he talks about the role and what it was like playing a cartoon character against a green screen. He also sounds like he was smoking that good shit.

“It was so much more, because when you’re on the green screen, you have to substitute it with your imagination. The Wachowski brothers just have that much crazier of an imagination than I do. Maybe they have that particular visual crazy gift. So the wildest thing I could imagine pales in comparison to what they had already imagined and managed to put on screen, which is kind of part of their genius, that they just are able to do that,” he says. What? Did he just do a U-ie? That must be some hydro he got ahold of.

Emile mainly acted against a green screen, with the hyperstylistic backgrounds put in later. Speed Racer opens on May 2.

More photos of Emile Hirsch from AnOther Man magazine are after the jump.

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