Emile De Ravin On Set With Robert Pattinson In ‘Remember Me’

June 15th, 2009 // 14 Comments

Now that Robert Pattinson has done his best to fend off enthused fans, while he films scenes for his new movie Remember Me, his co-star Emile de Ravin has arrived on-set to film scenes–and possibly, to keep the Twilight star safe from further unwanted public displays of affection.

Newly-divorced, the petite blonde Lost star was spotted here on a break during production, walking to her trailer. 

God only knows what surrounding fans might do, should they spot these two sharing an on-screen kiss.

Gallery Info: Emile de Ravin on the set of Remember Me, shooting in Manhattan.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jess

    she’s no kstew…so dont even start your crap gossip rags..wont be coming to look at her again

  2. Nicky

    Jess, if you think that this site writes ‘crap gossip rags’ why do you bother coming here? You must be a Twilight fan so you should be happy because this is the only site that updates you on the cast of Twilight 10 million times a day.

  3. Jane

    Gross. I can’t stand this ho. She wants all up on Rob right after announcing her divorce? Vomit. Treat your ex with some respect and stop being seen all over town with Rob and Tom while you are still married. Maybe Summit can buy her some class. Married women all over all the up and coming actors is hardly endearing.

  4. what the?

    Whoa…what’s with the Emilie bashing? She’s done absolutely nothing wrong.

  5. mina

    She’s lovely and her hair color is to die for. What’s with the denim on denim? Couldn’t the costume dept. do better?

  6. Mimi

    What has she done wrong. u ppl act like shes making out with rob all over the place. back off. and i agree with jess… she is no k stew.

  7. Angela

    Seriously, can all the CRAZY Robsten fans jump off a cliff…I doubt there there is any Robsten, and bashing on Emilie is ridiculous. I hope her and Rob get to be close friends…lord knows he needs them.

  8. Danika

    Not a fan of this girl. Don’t like the type that announces their divorce five minutes before being purposely seen around town at celeb hot spots with the “it” boy leading man from her next flick. Shady.

  9. S

    If only Socialite’s Life would stop calling her Emile, in French – that’s a man’s name!! It’s Emilie!!

  10. tasmyne

    Maybe she didnt announce it just came out because people were like oh shes doing a movie with rob and theres nothing wrong with her and of course shes no kristen stewart and what do people know about kristen stewart anyway or robert or emilie.

  11. swampdog

    eh, she’s o.k. She’s prettier than me so I can’t complain. It looks to me like she is more mature than Kristin. How old is she ? Closer to RP’s age ? Don’t get me wrong. I love Kristin AS BELLA. Other than that she looks like a stoner chic/mall rat. Her acting skills seem limited but that may just be the material she has to work with.

  12. tinamarie

    Your right she isn’t Kristen and thank God for that.. She’s prettier than Kristen. I know go on with the hate you twi-girls. Really, even if there is something going on with Kristen and Rob you don’t have to hate on every other female that gets within five feet of him. Lay off the hate this girl has done nothing wrong and so what if she did want to hook up with Rob. All of you would try your hardest to do the same damn thing if you were her and you know you would.

  13. Sarah

    You people are retarded. Stop being so dramatic. She’s been in an on/off relationship with her husband for a while now……..Not that you should get your panties in a bunch either way since it’s NONE of your biz. Maybe she would be good for Rob, maybe not. I just wanna see them both on screen and really can’t wait for this film.

  14. Liamony

    Haha!! The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was the denim on denim thing too…thank goodness I wasn’t the only one! ha…

    btw…I’m not even gonna GO there with the Team Kristen vs Team Emile thing haha since I think that’s totally been spoken for already…

    But honestly all I see when I look at Emile is that Tess biotch that ruined Roswell for me so I’m not sure how I’ll grasp her in this role with Rob, but whatever…I’m pretty much focusing on the fact that Rob has a new movie, not so much that he has a new leading lady…XD

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