Elvis Presley: Dead Fish

October 12th, 2005 // 14 Comments

Elvis Presley was reportedly a flop in bed. Byron Raphael, who was “Elvis’s pimp” from 1956 to 1960, claims a string of famous beauties told him the hip-swivelling lothario was a disaster between the sheets.

Elvis’s right hand man goes on to tell the November issue of America’s Playboy magazine how screen icon Marilyn Monroe scorned the singer’s advances, while actress Natalie Wood moaned The King “didn’t know how to screw”.

[Female First]


  1. Lisa

    I just don’t believe it. Besides, neither Elvis or Natalie Wood are here to defend themselves.

  2. FrauenK

    Since we all know Elvis was on handfuls of uppers and downs (and this is years before viagra) this is not a huge surprise.

  3. netty

    He was on so many drugs he probably was horrible in bed. Gosh, wouldnt you rather be high and drugged out than to have sex???

  4. Lisa

    During the beginning of his movie career? I thought his heavy drug use was towards the end of his career?

    I could be wrong.

  5. JUICY


  6. Laurette

    Who cares if Elvis was supposedly bad in bed? The man was so hot you could get off just looking at him.

  7. txkingpin

    listen bitch…don’t nobody mess with tha KING!

  8. T.J>

    Cybill Shepard has talked MUCH about her fling with Elvis. Cybill says that Elvis wouldn’t (cringe) go down on her, and she had to teach him how to do it. He was so hot, though, Laurette’s right ~ Who cares?

  9. Buntcake

    Agreeing with Laurette… I still love him.

  10. zanada

    Evis rocks!!! Hasn’t anyone been watch television? He’s in that cool new-new-wave band The Bravery.

  11. Jenra

    I agree with Laurette, Buntcake, and T.J. The man was delicious!! Yummy!

  12. Darla

    Ditto, Laurette! Elvis was gorgeous and talented. He couldn’t be a pro at EVERYTHING, now, could he? =þ

  13. The Maltese Bippy

    Elvis said he found pregnant women to be unattractive so he didn’t want to have sex with Priscilla when she was having his kid. I’m glad she’s made millions off of his estate!

  14. Cory Cooper

    What crap. Again, more stupid rumors and stories. I`ve never heard any of the women Elvis shared time with complain about his romantic abilities, except for that pig Cybill Shepard. Elvis dated her for 2 weeks and now she knows everything? Her personality probably turned him off and instead of going down, he threw her out.

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