Elvis Holds on to the Coveted “Most Collected Stamp” Title

Beating out this year’s extremely popular “Wonders of America” stamp to hold its place as the most popular stamp, the Elvis stamp managed to maintain its grip on that illustrious postage title. Yahoo! News reports:

Some 124.1 million of the 1993 Elvis Presley stamps were saved by Americans, according to the post office, which does an annual survey of 10,000 households to determine which stamps are most popular. Rising into second spot was the Wonders of America set with 87.5 million stamps saved, the agency said. “Stamp collecting continues as one of the worlds most popular educational hobbies that the entire family can enjoy,” Postmaster General John E. Potter said in a statement.

OMG, guys. News is so ridiculously slow, I’m actually writing about stamps. No, it’s gotten so bad that I’m actually taking a story about stamps from Yahoo! and incorporating it into a blog under which I will put my “written by Lisa Timmons.” If Britney starts wearing underwear again, then I’m probably permanently screwed.

Elvis remains the king of postage stamp [Yahoo! News]

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