Ooh la la! Unscripted Backstage Oscar Moments and More Pix from Elton John’s Party

February 25th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Of course, we’re all glad that the writers’ strike appears to be over, so that our awards shows can go back to being scripted, but it was the moments that couldn’t have been predicted that usually make the show memorable. Or at least that’s what everyone who actually bothers to watch usually tells me. I just read live-blogs anymore.

This year, one of my favorite quotes I read of came from best actress winner, Marion Cotillard, for her portrayal of Edith Piaf on “La Vie En Rose.” After getting a big hug from Forest Whitaker, the French actress declared, “This is crazy, this is totally crazy. Ooh la la la la! It’s totally surreal.”

The only thing more surreal that I can think of is how amazing Faye Dunaway looks in this picture. I feel like her face lifts and whatnot have sort of relaxed and settled into place so that she looks human again again. Well-played, Ms. Dunaway.

Jeremy Piven and Chace Crawford are looking way too casual for my taste, but I’m not one for that whole “scruffy-in-a-tuxedo” look. I just feel like it looks way too much like a hungover best man.

Photos: Getty Images

36 more photos from Elton John’s Oscar party featuring Kate Beckinsale, Tim Allen, Portia di Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, JC Chasez, Jeremy Piven, Sean Combs, Sofia Vergara, Minnie Driver, Russell Simmons, Natalie Maines, Jeffrey Donovan, Erik McCormack, Patricia Clarkson, Chris O’Donnell, Jason Lewis, Patty Hearst, Chris Noth and John Waters are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Queen Caffeine

    I love Sofia Vergara’s dress.

  2. Loob

    How gorgeous was Marion Cotillard, when she ran up on stage and threw her arms around Forest Whitaker? I loved how excited and happy she was, it was so sweet and refreshing.
    I love the Coen brothers, but man, their lack of excitement and almost narcoleptic acceptance speechES were starting to piss me right orf.

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