Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party

It’s always a good time when Sharon Stone’s been drinking. At Elton John’s 15th annual Oscar viewing party to benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation, the “Basic Instinct 2″ star got on stage to give a somewhat slurred speech, later referring to herself as a “bad girl.”

“I’ve been sitting at my table with P. Diddy and Jon Bon Jovi, and I’m a little messed up.”

It’s OK, though, because she was getting wasted to cure AIDS.

Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham were both out, sporting elegant gowns and bob haircuts that nearly had me confusing the two, because on top of being so immune to any form of racism that I can’t even see the physical differences between the two, I am also a complete idiot.

Tara Reid’s makeover seems to be taking. Up until now, it seems that her antibodies have always rejected any attempts to make her over by attacking any decent clothes, hair and/or make-up that she’s wearing. I guess only time will tell for sure…

Meanwhile, I spent the evening watching the Oscar’s from my friend’s couch. And I too, was getting wasted to cure AIDS. And the circle of life remains unbroken.


Many more photos from the red carpet of the stars attending Elton John’s Oscar party are after the jump.

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