Elton John Delcares All Photographers Should Be Shot

What would we do without this bitter old queen. What happened to the Crocodile Rock era Elton? When he was fun and wearing crazy outfits? Now, he’s just becoming a joke – a loose cannon of sorts.

This time he lost it at the Cannes film festival while presenting an award. The singer launched an expletive-laden tirade against the press in Cannes late on Saturday while presenting the Chopard Trophy to actor Kevin Zegers, who co-starred in the film “Transamerica” with Felicity Huffman. Mr. John was giving a speech about Mr. Zegers talent and was interrupted.

Then, as photographers called out during his address, he added: “If you saw ‘Transamerica’ … I’m talking … you fuckwit, fucking photographers you should be shot, you should be all shot. Thank you.”

After handing the award to a smiling Zegers, he added: “They are a nightmare.”

We’re thinking Elton probably didn’t mean all photographers should be shot. I don’t think Elton’s going to go and grab a pistol and hunt down Bruce Webber, but the paparazzi may want to make sure Elton has gone through security before the attempt to take photos in his presence.

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(Images via Saving Face)