Elsa Pataky Looks About Ready To Pop As She Lunches With Husband Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Vacays
Chris Hemsworth enjoys time at the beach in Costa Rica.
I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable it must be for Elsa Pataky right now.

The actress–who is heavily pregnant with twins–looked about ready to burst yesterday as she and husband Chris Hemsworth grabbed some pizza in Malibu. My favorite thing about pregnant Elsa is that she basically looks like she’s stuck a king-sized comforter under her shirt. It’s so big, but the rest of her is so small.

Still, you know these are going to be some seriously cute twins. I mean, with Chris and Elsa as parents, how could they not be? 

Plus, if older sister India is any example, they’re all good. I wonder if Elsa is going to try for more movie roles after she gives birth. Or if she’s going to pull a Phoebe Cates and raise the kids. I mean, Chris does have all that Thormoney. I’d be happy with that Thor money.

Guys! They should make a movie together! Now that would be cute. Hollywood, get on it. But first, launch the gallery to get a good look at Elsa’s belly. Chris’ muscles also make an appearance.