Ellie Goulding’s Live Webcast At Amoeba Records In Hollywood [PHOTOS]

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Ellie Goulding
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Ellie Goulding is a beast. A beautiful, bubble-gum-infused beast. She is a piece of pop machinery that keeps churning out one hit single after the next. And, the best thing about it is that she has earned it. Which is why we are starry-eyed for this leading lady.

Goulding didn’t just sign a record deal and have ultimate success. I vaguely remember coming across the song, “Lights,” probably three years ago and it seemed to just be another blip on the radar. Just another piece of music to weave its way into my iTunes library.

Then something happened. The music scene was about to evolve. We began to crave something different, something more than, “Young Money, Cash Money Millionaires (…sorry, Lil’ Wayne).” And the game switched up it’s playing field,Electronic music began to dominate the airwaves. Ellie’s intuition and vision for what was about to explode like a nuclear bomb in the music scene was right on target . With the popularity of Dubstep and House music, Ellie has walked the fine line between originality and commercial appeal, propelling her into a whirlwind of fame and recognition.

Her music is easy on the ears and perfect for an unforgiving car sing-along with friends. “Lights,” has been both acclaimed by fans and critics across the globe. Despite the difference of cultures, Ellie’s world-wide success should be a clear reminder that music is indeed our common language.

Yes folks, this is what happens when talent meets relevancy.

Listen to the whimsical, “Halcyon,” Ellie’s second debut album, to better understand what I’m talking about. Check out her video for “Anything Could Happen” below.

By Erica Nusgart

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