Ellen Pompeo Was Raised by Drag Queens But Still Remains Boring

June 16th, 2007 // 5 Comments

It makes no sense! US Weekly sat down with Ellen Pompeo to discuss her presence at the event for LifeWorks, which finds mentors for gay and lesbian youth. She talked about her connection to the gay community, and what she would do if she was the mother of a gay child.

US: How did you get involved with LifeWorks?
Ellen Pompeo: I got involved through Chip Sullivan who’s a dear friend and fellow Bostonite. He speaks so passionately about the organization. It’s such a wonderful organization. I would love to see it be taken nationwide.

US: Growing up did you have gay people in your life?
EP: Yes, a ton. I was raised by drag queens practically. And when I left Boston at 20 years old, I went to South Beach with all of my gay friends. Always very close with the gay community.

US: Was there anyone when you were younger who touched your life?
EP: I wouldn’t say there was one person who touched my life. There were several people who touched my life. My mother died when I was four years old, so I was effectively raised by a bunch of different people. And a lot of those people were friends of my sister, Kathleen (I have three sisters), who had all these gay friends. She would baby-sit me everyday, and she would take me over to her friend’s houses with all kinds of things going on: tucking, and eyebrow drawing, waxing, all sorts of things. I was literally raised by gay men. And a lot of other people: my grandmother, my aunts and uncles, but I spent a great deal of time with a lot of gay men.


Her thoughts about having a gay child are after the jump.

US: Cher is famous for having said how, despite having tons of gay friends and fans, she didn’t take it so well when Chastity came out of the closet. How would you feel if your child was gay?
EP: Just fine. As long as my child was happy and healthy and hopefully could grow up and decorate my houses [laughs]!

I’d like to hate her (I can still hate Meredith), but I can’t. She’s wonderfully open minded.

By Jessica Marx

  1. eseu

    This Gay issue seem to be something very, very, big, it appears. Can’t this gay people just do their own contribution to society without persistently refering to their sexual orientation? Is GAY(ISM) MAN-MADE or GOD-MADE.

    Why is it that people are opposed to it. Could there be something MAN-MADE in it? That is making people to resist and oppose it?

    Well, well, well, I think matters concerning your sexual believe should be kept to yourself.

  2. shadygoddess

    I always figured that the people who shout the loudest about themselves are the ones who are the most insecure. I don’t understand why gayness has to be such a big issue, and why there are parades to celebrate such. Why don’t I throw a parade for the fact that, as a woman, I prefer men?

    See how dumb that sounds?

  3. Ruby Jackson

    Oh, well that explains a lot about the guy she’s chosen to marry.

  4. Jsap

    You wouldn’t throw a parade for the fact that you’re sraight because your straightness hasn’t relegated you to second class citizenship. Would you call the Million Man March in D.C. dumb, too? Would you call the heroes of the civil rights movement who shouted and refused to be ignored insecure? What about those who fought for women’s sufferage? Minorities parade, demonstrate and advocate because, if we didn’t we would continue to be dumped on and discriminated against. Gayness isn’t a big issue but when straight people trivialize the struggle we face everyday by calling us insecure and our demonstrations dumb, it becomes an issue

  5. Kelly Rummelhart

    Are you kidding me?? Everyday is straight white people day . . . no need for parades, marches or history months for us.

    Acknowlege you have White Privilege and you live in a Heterosexist society and learn to celebrate ALL . . . . and if that means sharing their culture through parades, marches, history months, etc- deal with it . . . or better yet support, participate and learn. You may be straight but it’s ignorant to just assume your children will be!

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