Ellen Pompeo Is Having A Baby Girl!

Get ready to congratulate her because Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is having a little baby girl! In Touch Weekly got the news and also some information about Ellen’s shopping spree at the Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks, California. Ellen loves to shop for this baby; I feel like she has been buying stuff forever.

While shopping for all the things girl and baby related, Ellen bumped into Nicole Richie, who is seems is a good friend. “Nicole and Ellen greeted each other with a hug and seemed like they were good friends,” one person told In Touch.

Nicole then helped Ellen register as Ellen decided she needed a BabyBjorn bouncer, some girly organic blankets and all the other stuff mothers think they’ll need. “Nicole was so excited to offer her help to Ellen,” an insider says. “She was giving advice about what she should buy and things she’ll need for the nursery.”

How much do you want to bet that Nicole spent most of the time trying to plug her maternity line to Ellen? I feel like she’d be one of those people who bring it up every five seconds, at which point Ellen would slap her for being annoying and the two of them would get into a Juvenile Shop brawl.

OK, definitely not going to happen. They’ll probably just chat and then go out for pizza. You know their favorite part of being pregnant is eating anything they want. Lucky.

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