Ellen DeGeneres Has the Ability to Invoke Death Threats

In the midst of the drama surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and the infamous doggie, Iggy, who was adopted by Ellen, subsequently passed along to the family of her hairdresser and then was taken from the family when the original adopting agency found out that the dog had been moved without their involvement, the new family with the dog has been receiving death threats. Dang, y’all. That’s like Oprah status. Ellen went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to talk about the situation.

RYAN: I heard this morning that this dog, Iggy, is now with another family.

ELLEN: Yeah, that’s what I just heard, too. The statement was, ‘Finally, it’s in a safe home.’ Which is an unbelievable statement. I mean, the whole situation is surreal. I can’t even begin to tell you the disbelief.

Ellen went on to say that she believes the way the Mutts & Moms organization has been handling the situation is the result of a personal vendetta the agency has against her. This is getting out of control! Death threats! Vendettas! Who knew daytime talk could be so dangerous? That’s right, Rosie did.