Ellen DeGeneres Has the Ability to Invoke Death Threats

October 18th, 2007 // 178 Comments

In the midst of the drama surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and the infamous doggie, Iggy, who was adopted by Ellen, subsequently passed along to the family of her hairdresser and then was taken from the family when the original adopting agency found out that the dog had been moved without their involvement, the new family with the dog has been receiving death threats. Dang, y’all. That’s like Oprah status. Ellen went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to talk about the situation.

RYAN: I heard this morning that this dog, Iggy, is now with another family.

ELLEN: Yeah, that’s what I just heard, too. The statement was, ‘Finally, it’s in a safe home.’ Which is an unbelievable statement. I mean, the whole situation is surreal. I can’t even begin to tell you the disbelief.

Ellen went on to say that she believes the way the Mutts & Moms organization has been handling the situation is the result of a personal vendetta the agency has against her. This is getting out of control! Death threats! Vendettas! Who knew daytime talk could be so dangerous? That’s right, Rosie did.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    Perhaps if Ellen wouldn’t have used her own television show to air her own personal issues, this wouldn’t have gotten so “surreal” and out of hand.

    She goes on national television and slams a small dog rescue group (because SHE violated a contract) and now wonders why that small group is getting death threats. That’s funny — very funny.

  2. apronk

    Don’t forget that it was the group that first contacted Page Six and initiated this whole ordeal.

  3. peachpie

    i’m just trying to focus on the dog — hoping he has a good home now. i love ellen. i love no-kill shelters. i hate sketchy ppl who don’t know how to read the fine print — as well as those who don’t explain the fine print. focus on the dog. focus on the dog. focus on the dog……….

  4. green cardigan

    and it’s the new ‘safe’ family that now has Iggy that are getting death threats.

    Excuse my language, but for f@ck sake. All this over a dog.I happen to be a dog lover, but this is ridiculous.

  5. T-Bone

    apronk — Page 6 was contacted after Ellen’s publicist made threats to the animal rescue group.

  6. Zekers

    Yeah, she has to take pretty much full responsibility for how this “surreal” situation came about and how it turned out. Ellen screwed up and the best thing she could do (in my humble opinion) is admit that she blew it, issue an apology to all those who were dragged into this and in the future…FOLLOW THE CONTRACT! She needs to do a little PR for Mutts & Moms as well, she owes them that much for dragging them through this very public humiliation, which again, she created.

    Poor Iggy…

  7. T-Bone

    Death threats and physical threats over this indicate the intellectual level of a portion of Ellen’s fan base. Pretty f-ing scary, if you ask me.

  8. Zekers

    I’ve never seen her show and now I’m glad I haven’t. If Ellen were a smart person, she’d be using her air time to tell her zealots to settle down and quit threatening innocent people. Jeez, the dog is okay and nobody seems to care about this fact…folks just want to be pissed off I guess…

  9. green cardigan

    Oprah should interview Iggy on her show to get his side of the story.

    Iggy Come Home!

  10. krystyn

    Ellen effed up,no doubt. But the agency isn’t on the up and up either. There were things that are normally done when adopting out a rescue and they weren’t. So, the are AS MUCH to blame for the bad name given to rescues as Ellen is.

    I happen to like rescues because its a good thing they’re so selective. I got my baby (dog, whatever!) from one.

    Both parties had responsibilties here and neither lived up to them.

    The ONLY people I feel badly for are the new family members…and Iggy. Enough trauma for the dog already

  11. green cardigan

    actually I see Iggy with his own talk show….I’m sorry, I know this story has touched a nerve with a lot of people but its gotten out of hand. Death threats. Wow.

  12. T-Bone

    No they are not “as much to blame”, Krystyn. WHY? Because Ellen is the mega-celebrity with all the power. When you have that kind of power, you need to be VERY careful how you use it. What if Oprah did this? What if Oprah started crying to her bazillion fans about someone “wronging her”??? Do you have any idea what would happen? Some ridiculous fan would seriously go and kill that person. And Oprah would be responsible.

  13. Hey Cupcake

    Didn’t M&M contact Page Six FIRST? Didn’t they show up at Ellen’s house, pick up the dog, and refuse to set the dog down for TWO HOURS? Didn’t they call the police so they could reclaim the dog? They are attention whores and f*cking PSYCHOS. Ellen didn’t follow the terms of the contract. BFD. It’s not as though she’s using the puppy to make soup. Ellen’s a celebrity, and she’s using her celebrity to try to get the dog back. BFD. It’s not like she’s using her talk show to score some crack. Sobbing on national television over the snatching of this dog doesn’t make her evil.
    If Ellen is smart, she will partner with another shelter and leave M&Ms to their own destruction. I’m sure she can find 250 dogs in the L.A. area that would be a good match for this family. And chances are, the ASPCA won’t show up in the family’s back yard to hold the dog hostage.
    Like her or not, TEAM ELLEN all the way.

  14. Zekers

    …sad but true T-bone.

    Well, I’m off to set up my mom’s moving sale…just keep telling myself it’ll be over soon… :(

    Keep these Ellen fans in line T!

  15. Hey Cupcake

    Okay, I don’t know the truth about Page Six, but I stand by my belief that what M&M did was excessive and unnecessary.

  16. T-Bone

    I 100% agree Zekers. I won’t watch her show (never have, but now for sure won’t) until she apologizes (in some way) for what she has done to this rescue group and how she used her “celebrity status” for her own personal purposes. Makes me sick. She may have started with “good intentions” but she is responsible for this snowballing mess, and it wouldn’t suprise me a bit if she got sued. Iggy is just fine with this new family, nutbag Ellen fanatics. Leave Iggy be.

  17. T-Bone

    P.S. I’ve said my piece on this subject and am done now. Don’t want to elevate my blood pressure any further :), So if anyone else comes out here and posts under T-Bone, just know it isn’t me. I’m just going to sit back and wait for the day when I hear Ellen’s being sued for destroying a small animal rescue group with her mighty celebrity power.

  18. green cardigan

    I’m sorry but Mutts and Moms were OTT on how they handled the ‘rescue’ of the dog. Issuing a statement that the dog is now with a ‘safe’ family insinuates that the hairdresser friend’s family weren’t safe. They haven’t come out clearly and said that though. They obviously feel they are the only people qualified to make that decision, certainly not Ellen.
    They are nit picking over their blessed contract and obviously that is more important to them than the welfare of the dog.

  19. stolidog

    this whole thing is stupid. everyone involved seems to have acted pretty poorly thus far.

    let’s hope it ends with ellen going out and buying her hairdresser’s kids a new puppy though.

    end of story.

  20. DD

    For the ignorant, and there are MULTIPLES:

    I, being a rescuer, don’t want a dog to go to a home with financial constraints. If one cannot afford the adoption fee, then how will one afford basic preventive care (flea/tick and heartworm meds), annual vet visits, and emergencies or disease that arise?

    Why go through all the trouble of saving a dog and bringing he/she into rescue only to adopt out to a home that can’t afford the animal’s care?

  21. t

    As someone who has adopted a dog from a rescue organization, I would have to side with them. The place I adopted from likes to hear how our new family member has been doing. They also are able to provide helpful information on what to do if we have any problems with our dog – they can recommend training, obedience classes, vets, groomers, good dog food…etc. Did Ellen contact M&M for help? Or did she just disregard the agreement she signed and got rid of the dog because it was too much hassle and work? Did she do her homework beforehand to make sure this would be a suitable type of dog to add to a household with cats? Did she introduce the dog and cats properly? (Slowly, on neutral turf). When you sign a contract or agreement, you are in effect agreeing to abide by that. If you don’t agree with policy, then find an organization whose policy you agree with.

  22. Janet

    I think we should give T-Bone to a pack of dogs; she doesn’t get a little girls pet was taken from her. Ellen shined a spot lite on a heartless B and all you can do is attack Ellen. Get a heart Bone head. Give Iggy Back to the little girl.

  23. T-Bone

    Mutts and Moms better issue a public apology to Ellen and fast.

  24. Nathan

    Shame on this agency – IF this agency is to place pets I am not sure what the problem was. The pet was in a loving home. Maybe Ellen did not read the document as well as she should have, BUT if the agencies main goal is to place animals then what is the problem. The animal was in a loving – IF they can prove the new home was unfit that is different -otherwise shame on them – as it seems they just want in the news for fighting with Ellen.

  25. nastybugger

    t-bone, don’t hold yer breath on the being sued thing…

    the entire US Beef industry sued Oprah for their declining business after she made that comment on her show about never eating beef again, and they lost.

    because Ellen hasn’t (as far as I know) said something to the effect of “to all of my fans and those that support me, run this place out of business!”, the rescue org would have a hard time proving it was Ellen’s fault if they go belly up.

    IMO, both sides handled this whole situation poorly. Ellen for not honoring the contract, the rescue organization for not seeing the bigger picture (the dog being in a good home being more important than their contract) and both of them for using the public airwaves to handle their dispute. And I think that M&M used Ellen’s celebrity just as much as Ellen did. But I DO agree that Ellen needs to say something to her fans to CHILL OUT and not make death threats. That AIN’T cool.

  26. tsktsk

    That “lady” is a crackpot. She was on GMA this am and she said something to the effect that Ellen should open up her own shelter, and who does Ellen think she is to judge who should adopt a dog. My question is who does this woman think she is to judge? Is she a human behavior expert because she owns an upscale dog boutique? No one under 14 should have a dog? Does she have children? I’ve never seen a kid over 10 that couldn’t help take care of a dog and almost any kid can love a dog. She doesn’t think they’re suitable to own a dog? Is that code for they’re not rich enough? It’s really a shame that there are people like this (huge ego and power hungry) deciding who should and shouldn’t buy (oops, adopt, same thing in this case) a dog. Shame on her and others like her. Plus, her rules only apply when they’re convenient for her. Too bad for those kids.

  27. cody

    HORRIBLE AGENCY. Ellen simply did not realize what she signed forbid her to find a new home for the dog herself. She has said she was sorry and the agency came with POLICE to snatch the dog back from a loving home! An honest mistake was made and Ellen acknowleged this. The owner of the agency seems off her rocker and clearly has something against celebrities. She clearly never expected this kind of backlash to her actions and she would be smart to back down immediately. Her shelter should also be closed or closely monitored for it’s behavior

  28. TB

    There are so many unwanted dogs in this world…who is this lady to deny a dog a perfectly good home, just to be a bit.. and prove a point! How could she take the dog away from a family that fell in love with it…sometimes rules (especially stupid ones) are made to be broken! Dogs are a great way for a child to learn responsibility and commitment!

  29. Jenn


    Ellen’s henchmen are out here again.
    All the same people though, shame.

  30. shannon

    it think that all of baktis’ whining is great. the shelter she runs gets the majority of its money and support from CELEBRITY FUND RAISERS. THE PET STORE SHE RUNS GETS A HUGE PROTION OF ITS BUSINESS FROM CELEBRITIES. after her trash talking celebrities like this, how likely does she think that celebrities will be to support her now? this is one idiotic woman. ill bet that the next time she calls alyssa milano or shannon elizabeth to help out with a fund raiser, they will suddenly ‘not be available’. please keep whining baktis, then you can fade back to obscurity that you were in before all those ‘evil’ celebrities made you one of the most profitable pet stores/shelters in southern cal. i hope ellen does open a her own shelter, i am sure that all the celebrities who USED to support mutts and moms will be glad to support her

  31. Mary

    We in rescue have this rule for a reason.

    I want you to meet Dolly , she was adopted out to a “lady” , who within the week decided the dog was to much work and gave the dog away to another person. Which is against my adoption contract. A few days after she dumped the dog I get a call from Avid the microchip company , my poor Dolly is sitting at the dog pound, terrified that she is back at the puppymill from which she came.


    Ellen was WRONG , I do not care who you are you can not be doing what she did. And then to take advantage and go on TV and try to make herself look good.

  32. Vegie

    This is about control. She was out to prove a point that some Hollywood type wasn’t going to put one over on her. The dog went to a good home and now the website and such are closed because she had to be in control. Its her own fault. I feel badly for Ellen and her friend’s family. She lost site of the fact a 12 yr old has not stopped crying since the dog was taken. Plus the fact Ellen signed no contract like the bone lady keep arguing with people about, even if she did sign it it would not hold up in court..Eat another T-Bone you fat heartless cow.

  33. Wilson

    So, Ellen says she was wrong & she is sorry. So what! Does that give her a pass as all of you seem to automatically give her. So much damange has been done because of her stupid decision to make her show a personal platform w/out thinking first!! What if Hitler, after 2 yrs of WWII simply said “Well folks, I’m sorry, I was wrong” Do you really think you’d give him a pass!!??
    Sorry just doesn’t cut it Ellen!! Actions do speak louder than words. Do something about what you’ve done Ellen.

  34. Wilson

    So, Ellen says she was wrong & she is sorry. So what! Does that give her a pass as all of you seem to automatically give her. So much damange has been done because of her stupid decision to make her show a personal platform w/out thinking first!! What if Hitler, after 2 yrs of WWII simply said “Well folks, I’m sorry, I was wrong” Do you really think you’d give him a pass!!??
    Sorry just doesn’t cut it Ellen!! Actions do speak louder than words. Do something about what you’ve done Ellen.

  35. Yuppers

    Disagree with you, T-Bone. Ellen didn’t “destroy” this rescue agency (which is a boutique, btw). They went mental and held the dog hostage, then were on GMA this morning, acting like they “rescued” this dog from a serial puppy killer. Mutts and Moms f***ed it up all on their own.

  36. Carnage

    hi im formally from detroit michigan….. ive worked with organaztions likes mutts and moms, and rescused animals myself and placed them into good homes….. my opinion is i think you should interview the family and take it from there.one i dont think ellen would have given iggy to a bad home…. 2 the family had iggy for 2 weeks before mutts and moms took iggy away from the family…. my opinion… i dont think that was right….. theres ways of working this out….. mutts and moms… work this out with the family…. these animals need good loving homes….. your making this situation bigger than it is. when you can do something about it, the right way… please give iggy back to the family….. ellen admitted making a mistake.. we all make mistakes through life…. have a heart mutts and moms…. thanks

  37. Pat

    It is the objective of the rescue organizations to place the animals in a safe loving home. There is NO WAY Ellen or Portia would have spent the kind of money they did on this dog, not to mention the negative publicity that could come from it, if they were to give the pup to a home that was not fit. The fact that this lunatic lady made the comment that she wouldn’t give the dog back to them, ever, because of the way they treated her just goes to show that she is being unreasonable and vengeful and keeping the dog from the family on purpose. How would she expect them to treat her when she went to the home for one reason and then took the puppy away from the little girls. Yes, Ellen made a mistake by not reading the paperwork but get over it. It wasn’t intentional it was a MISTAKE and I hardly think that she would have done it knowing the outcome. Just give the puppy back to the family. This women should really not be involved with a pet rescue group when she clearly is a person who reacts out of anger and is vengeful.

  38. overpopulation

    All of this over 1 puppy. There are millions waiting Ellen – try to do some good from all this badness you created

  39. Animaloverpopulation

    for people like Ellen who don’t follow rules:
    Eat this, Ellen
    Animal Overpopulation

    UNITED STATES FACTS & FIGURES Oxford Lavayette Human Society

    o Number of cats and dogs born every day in the U.S.: 70,000 (nearly 3,000 born every hour or 50 born every minute)

    o Number of stray cats and dogs living in the U.S.: 70 million

    o Number of animals in the U.S. that die each year from cruelty, neglect, and exploitation: 30 million

    o Number of animal shelters in the U.S.: 4,000 – 6,000

    o Number of cats and dogs entering U.S. shelters each year: 6 – 8 million

    o Number of cats and dogs euthanized by U.S. shelters each year: 3 – 4 million (nearly 10,000 animals killed every day)

    o Number of cats and dogs adopted by U.S. shelters each year: 3 – 4 million

    o Number of cats and dogs reclaimed by owners from U. S. shelters each year: 600,000-750,000 (10% of total entering shelters – 15-30% of dogs and 2-5% of cats)

    o Yearly cost to U.S. taxpayers to impound, shelter, euthanize, and dispose of homeless animals: $2 billion

    o Percentage of dogs in U.S. shelters which are purebred: 25 – 30 %

    o Average age of animals entering U.S. shelters: under 18 months old

    o Percentage of animals entering U.S. shelters that are healthy and adoptable: 90%

    o Percentage of owned dogs that were adopted from an animal shelter: 18%

    o Percentage of owned cats that were adopted from an animal shelter: 16%

    o Percentage of animals entering animal shelters by animal control authorities: 42.5%

    o Percentage of animals entering animal shelters that were surrendered by their owners: 30%

    o Percentage of people who acquire animals that end up giving them away, abandoning them, or taking them to shelters: 70%

    o Percentage of animals surrendered to an animal shelter that were originally adopted from an animal shelter: 20%

    o Percentage of animals received by animal shelters that have been spayed or neutered: 10

  40. Tara

    Iggy needs to go back to the girls. Iggy was loved! Imagine what is going on with this poor animal. Iggy is confused and hurting too. Animals have feelings!!!!all this lady had to do was do a home evaluation!!! Obviously she is in this for popularity and money—-It appears she has no HEART! A lot of places are like her though. They say they want good homes for animals and when a person comes and picks out a pet and spends the day with the pet and goes out and buys everything —then they turn you down. Me—I was turned down because my vet had not kept records up to date. They sent in the actual stuff showing error on their part but I was still turned down.

  41. Evonne

    The owner of Mutts and Moms souuld ABSOLUTELY BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF. Since when is a contract more important than a dog who longs to have a loving home? Ellen did a WONDERFUL thing adopting and spending generously on her dog, later to find a loving home. Most animal lovers are compassionate people, like Ellen. Where is THIS WOMANS compassion?This dog and family were bonded to each other. Hasn’t this poor little dog been through enough?
    I’m GLAD that that website is off the internet…it should have never been there in the first place. She probably wants to re-sell the dog and make MORE money. SHE MAKES ME SICK.

  42. Jeff

    If this agency is truly in this for the well-being of the dog, then why not allow the dog to be with a family that loves it? Isn’t placing the dog with a good family what’s important and not who’s who gets the last word? Check out the home and family and stop behaving like children. It looks like the owner of this organization is just doing this for the publicity. Grow up!

  43. Free Iggy


    She is gonna end up suing Ellen for mental anguish and distress. I wish IGGY had his on independent attorney and could sue Mutts and Moms for his mental anguish and distress.

    The Hairdressers home was a good home for the dog, she obviously has a good job if Ellen thought enough of her to give IGGy to her. These people at Mutts and Moms are being extremely irresponsible! If the hairdresser is willing to go thru the home evaluation let her! That poor dog. If it is really about finding homes for these dogs then get on with it! This is the most ridiculous agency I have ever seen they are acting more like they are in it for the money and not for the benefit of the animals. This will change course to a law suit against Ellen mark my words, I hope that the Hairdressers family follows up with a joint counter suit for mental anguish!!!!!
    FREE IGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jenn

    This is not about Ellen and what she did. However, it has turned in to that. The expected “Celebrity Preferential Treatment”. Oh Please! Those people at Mutt’s and Moms should be ashamed of themselves. How many people are they going to hurt? Those heartless people never even gave that little girl, Ruby, and her family a chance. Did they ever think of Iggy and what is best for him. No, they didn’t. They have adopted Iggy out to yet another family. “SHAME ON YOU” Greed has gotten the best of them. In their sick, greedy little minds “Bad Publicity is better than No Publicity.” Shut that place down.

  45. Cara

    We’re on to you oh defender of Ellen. We know you’re all the same person. Please stop excessively commenting. Thank you.

  46. T-Bone

    It a shame that in order to make a point, a family will continue to be deprived of a much loved pet. Mutts and Moms really need to think about the long term effect their actions will have on all future animal rescues…

  47. Romary

    they all make Anne Heche’s Celestia moment seem like a walk in the park — The dog people do get a tad crazy with their rescuin and adoptin but Ellen is a crazy broad …the sobbing? you’re in your 50s lady, not 12…….

  48. TB

    Jenn I do not know who you are calling a hench men.

    It saddens me as an animal lover that a person who profess to love would do something so absolutely disgusting. Having the dog returned was one thing but the sneaky lying way you did it makes me see you are not someone I would support. I see your name in politics same mind set. You went after this dog not be cause he was in jeopardy but because it was a celb and you are gong to show her who is boss. Those who sent you death threats should be prosecuted but those who have supported your (non prophet) business should not send a dime because of your actions you deem animals above people and sorry not the case. I have 2 cats a bird and dog sit. Sorry lady you handled this poorly and now you fain hurt and dismay. Do NOT BELIEVE YOU. I am not an Ellen fan so forget that angle.

    You were wrong there was a much better way to handle it taking the dog back you cannot just blanket and say all kids under a certain age are not suitable for a pet. (dog) You rules are ok however your actions were WRONG & heartless.

  49. BJ

    This situation was handled so poorly by Mutts and Moms. I really hope the “rescue” shuts down permanently. Had a person from Mutts and Moms gone over to the hairdressers home, interviewed the family and watched them interact with Iggy, this situation would not have gotten so out of control. They may have agreed with Ellen and left Iggy there. They are completely heartless & greedy people. Then this woman cries about it on camera. Oh Boo Hoo. She has no one to blame but herself. I can see the lawsuits coming. Those people need to close their rescue and very quietly disappear. Oh, but I forgot, there could be money involved.

  50. John

    WHAT BS!!!!! Mutts and Moms should be ashmed of themselves. they should of just evaluated iggy in those peoples home and worked with them. I wouldnt ever adopt from them theres so many of these groups out there that arent in the dogs interest they are to stuck in finding totally perfect lives and nothing less. I adopt and I currently own 3 dogs. I work with pets everyday as my job and I know the adoption process is alot but some of these groups are extremely worse then from getting a dog at a sheltar. im glad her website and phone is down she deserves it if someone can be so cold and go take a dog from children instead of seeing what they have to offer then thats terrible. I applaud ellen and I hope she sticks with it!! again I say what BS! and im from GA not even in LA

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